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1   Link   The Archaeological Survey of Ireland Sites and Monuments Database
This database contains information on all known sites and monuments in the Republic of Ireland.
2   Link   Placenames Database of Ireland
3   Link   Irish Shipwrecks Database
4   Link   National Roads Authority Archaeology Database
This database contains information on the excavations commissioned by the National Roads Authority.
5   Link   Irish wrecks online
6   Link   The Mapping Death Project
This is an inter-disciplinary project which involves a study of burials in Ireland from the 1st to the 8th centuries AD based on the archaeological evidence in combination with primary documentary sources available from Ireland, Britain and the Continent.
7   Link   National Monuments Shipwreck Database
This database is not online.
8   Link   The National Roads Authority of Ireland (NRA) Archaeological Database
The Authority of Ireland (NRA) Archaeological Database provides information on all NRA sponsored archaeological excavations.
9   Link   Significant Unpublished Excavations in the Republic of Ireland 1930-1997
The Heritage Council survey of unpublished excavations for the period 1930-1997.
10   Link
This database contains summary accounts of all the excavations carried out in Ireland – North and South – from 1970 to 2007.
11   Link   Northern Ireland Environment Agency Built Heritage Map Viewer
The Northern Ireland Environment Agency Built Heritage Map Viewer allows you to view locations of built heritage sites.
12   Link   The Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record
Built Heritage NIEA maintains the Northern Ireland SMR Sites & Monuments Record for the six counties of Northern Ireland, holding information on approx. 15,000 sites.
13   Link   Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP)
The INSTAR-funded Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP) is a North/South; Archaeological Industry/University collaborative research project involving UCD School of Archaeology (University College Dublin); School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology (Queen’s University, Belfast), and several commercial archaeological sector companies such as CRDS, ACS, Archer Heritage Ltd and Margaret Gowen & Co. Ltd. EMAP was established in 2008 with Heritage Council funding and has received INSTAR funding in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
14   Link   Neolithic & Bronze Age Landscapes of North Mayo
This project to bring to full publication critically important aspects of the Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology of North Mayo.
15   Link   The Boyne Valley Landscape Project.
Project aimed at building a GIS model and integrating the available data sources and adding palaeoenvironmental data and commissioning new coring sites for pollen analysis.
16   Link   INSTAR People of Prehistoric Ireland
The project focuses on prehistory in an attempt to synthesise the osteoarchaeological information available in Ireland for all periods
17   Link   WODAN Archaeological wood and charcoal database
The WODAN database is an integrated wood and charcoal database from Irish archaeological sites, with the possibility of international applications.
18   Link   Cultivating Societies: the evidence for agriculture in Neolithic Ireland
The Cultivating Societies project examines the extent, nature and timing of Neolithic farming in Ireland through the collation, integration and analysis of unpublished and published data (archaeobotanical, zooarchaeological, palaeoecological, C14, stable isotope, and archaeological data) from the commercial, state, and academic sectors.
19   Link   The INSTAR web archive
The INSTAR web archive hosts all research created under the INSTAR Programme since its establishment in 2008.
20   Link   Irish Radiocarbon & Dendrochronological Dates
Robert M Chapple's Catalogue of Radiocarbon Determinations & Dendrochronology Dates is a free-to-download resource for Irish archaeology.

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